Logo mats


Logo mat with your logo or personalized design is a practical floor advertising tool

as well as cleaning area for door entrance,  passages and interior areas.

Logo mats are ideal for shop opening, brand/product/service promotion, expo,

conferences, exhibitions, events, party, movie premiere, sport events, marketing tools...


company entrance logo mats

Enforce the image of the entrance hall of your company with bespoke logo mats,

spare your expensive floor

from dirt, scratches and wetness

and save more founds on cleaning.

office entrance logo mats

Make the office entrance safer, more enjoyable

or even funnier by using personalized logo mats

in front of yout office, meeting room,

and any other  company premisses.

promotion logo mats

Present your products with more power

by using promotion logo mats in your showroom

or at the shops of your business partner.

expo logo mats

No words are needed,

logo says it all.

shop entrance logo mats

The more customers come into your

specialized shop, the more effective the work

of entrance logo mats turns to be.

advertising logo mats

Present your company’s brand

and mark the point of ordering your services

with branded logo mat.

hotel logo mats

Welcome your guests

right at the entrance of your hotel,

pension, B&B, or mountain chalet.

restaurant logo mats

Logo mats are made to be durable,

long lasting, hard duty workers, to help you on daily basis to keep clean and attractive entrance

of your restaurant, pub or caffe bar.

pharmacy logo mats

will help you make the entrance or interior

of your pharmacy, ambulance and clinic

wormer and more enjoyable.

sport club logo mats

Cheer up your funs with nicely made mats

with logo of your sport club,

have them ready during the sport events

or at your fun-shops.

budo logo mats

BUDO printed logo mats will help you keep your

dōjō and tatami entrance clean and representative.

They are great marketing tool for your club

promotion at BUDO shows, exhibition and seminars.

They may also be original gifts

for your club members and martial arts funs.

military logo mats

Because of their durability and high

performance, logo mats are ideal for use

at military and training premisses.

yacht logo mats

Using logo mats to keep the entrance

and interior premises of your yacht or boat,

clean and representative.

school entrance logo mats

multi purpose cleaning logo mats

for entrance, passages and interior premisses of

your school, kinder garden, library,

study rooms or gym,

with aesthetic and practical functions.

photo mats

Make your dearest happy by giving them original photo mat with the motive of your loved pets, mountain scenery, moments from your holidays,

or any motive that would make them happy.

home logo mats

Make the entrance area of your house or flat

visually reach, more enjoyable or funny

with personalized welcome logo mats.

Welcome logo mats can also be special gift

for your dearest.